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NOVEMBER 3, 2003
Posted: November 5, 2003
Updated: November 12, 2003

Rodrigo Angue Nguema

Police officers in Equatorial Guinea arrested Angue Nguema, works as a correspondent for the wire service Agence France-Presse (AFP), as well as several other foreign news organizations, at his home in the capital, Malabo. Angue Nguema, who is one of the only independent journalists in the country, is currently being held at the central police station in Malabo.

According to journalists outside the country who were able to speak to Angue Nguema during his detention, the journalist's arrest stemmed from an article he wrote for AFP on October 29 detailing rumors of an attempted military coup in Equatorial Guinea. Government officials have said that the journalist was detained for questioning in an ongoing investigation into the origin of the rumors, AFP reported.

Last year, in spite of having proper accreditation, Angue Nguema was twice barred from covering the controversial trial of 144 opposition supporters who had been charged with conspiracy to overthrow the government.

Angue Nguema was released on November 11. He is still being monitored by the authorities and fears that the government could pursue legal action against him, said the journalist's colleagues at AFP.