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With the support of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, CPJ is waging a global campaign against impunity. Our work focuses closely on Russia and the Philippines, nations with high numbers of journalist murders and low conviction rates. CPJ works with local journalist groups to:

  • Document and publicize the murders of journalists and subsequent law enforcement actions.
  • Advocate for justice in meetings with local prosecutors, police, government officials, and judicial officials.
  • Provide support for the families of victims.
  • Conduct discussions and press conferences to publicize the problem and identify solutions.
  • Analyze data, investigate cases, and produce in-depth reports identifying law enforcement failures and recommending solutions.
  • Promote the use of witness protection programs, change-of-venue motions, and other techniques proven effective in obtaining justice.
  • Enlist the support of the international community in seeking justice.

CPJ works closely with freedom of expression organizations around the world to combat impunity. We encourage you to explore the resources available from these Philippine, Russian, and international organizations:


Here are ways you can get involved in this important issue:

Become an Advocate

Join SPEAK JUSTICE: VOICES AGAINST IMPUNITY, a digital campaign that is raising awareness on the issue of impunity, and driving the global call for justice. Our dedicated website, WWW.SPEAKJUSTICENOW.ORG, features interactive tools showing that journalists murdered around the world were reporting primarily on politics, corruption, conflict, crime and human rights: issues of vital concern to any citizen. You can join the campaign today by becoming a Speak Justice Advocate and standing up for the rights of all people to be informed.

Be Informed

Find our more about these and other killings of journalists by reading our special reports and protest letters, reviewing our database of journalists killed since 1992, and reading the CPJ Journalist Security Guide.

Subscribe to CPJ

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Donate to CPJ

Support our campaign against impunity. Your donation will help us raise awareness of this important issue, investigate attacks against journalists, and underwrite legal costs and protection for families, colleagues, and witnesses.

Provide Information

If you have information relevant to the slaying of a journalist, contact CPJ at [email protected].

Global Campaign Against Impunity

Murder is the ultimate form of censorship. Hundreds of journalists are murdered, [Link to Murdered page as now] but the killers go free in nearly nine out of 10 cases. CPJ is waging a global campaign to combat impunity. Join us. Raise your voice. Speak out for justice.


Road to justice: Breaking cycle of impunity

Despite increased international attention to the murders of journalists, governments fail to take action to reduce the high rates of targeted violence and impunity, the Committee to Protect Journalists finds. In the past 10 years, 370 journalists were murdered; in 90 percent of cases, there are no convictions. The unchecked, unsolved murders of journalists is one of the greatest threats to press freedom today.
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We investigate journalist murders, publicize law enforcement failures, advocate for justice, and provide support for the families of victims. Details »

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From Brazil to Pakistan, Russia to India, CPJ names the 12 countries where journalists are regularly murdered and the killers go unpunished. Details »

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You can make a difference in several ways. Add your voice to those seeking justice. Provide us with leads and information. Details »

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