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Kavita Menon

Kavita Menon, Senior Program Officer for CPJ, has reported across South Asia and contributed to news outlets including the Boston Globe, Los Angeles Times, and NPR. She previously headed CPJ’s Asia program and led missions to Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. Follow her on Twitter @kavita718.

Blog   |   Iraq

Remembering Iraq, a forgotten war

As growing sectarian violence across Iraq renews fears of civil war, journalists gathered in New York this week to talk about their experiences reporting in the country over the past decade.

Blog   |   Pakistan

Sethi: Pakistani media challenging military

Sethi at CPJ offices. (CPJ/Sheryl A. Mendez)

Pakistani journalist Najam Sethi was in the United States last week to talk about the challenges facing his country at a critical moment. Ever the contrarian, he also sees opportunities. "For the first time the media is challenging the military," he told an audience of friends and colleagues at CPJ offices in New York. "That's the biggest positive development out of the whole Pakistan debacle."

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