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Endalk Chala

Endalk Chala is a writer, freelance journalist, and co-founder of the Zone 9 blog in Ethiopia. He left the country in September 2013 to pursue a doctorate in media studies at the University of Oregon.

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In Ethiopia, drawn out Zone 9 trial serves to further punish bloggers

Members of the Zone 9 blogging group. Four of the bloggers are currently on trial in Ethiopia. (Endalkachew H/Michael)

On Friday the Zone 9 bloggers are due to appear in court in Ethiopia for the 39th time since their arrest in April 2014. Endalk Chala, a co-founder of the group which is being honored with an International Press Freedom Award from CPJ this year, provides an overview of the drawn out trial and finds that despite the delays and setbacks, support for the bloggers is unwavering.

October 14, 2015 6:42 PM ET


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