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Charles Artangana

Cameroonian journalist Charles Artangana came to the United Kingdom in 2004 following 40 days of imprisonment and abuse. After seven years, three deportation attempts, multiple detentions and a vigorous campaign on his behalf by the National Union of Journalists, Artangana was finally granted asylum in April 2011.

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In exile: From a Cameroonian jail to immigration limbo

Atangana (David Dore)

I was arbitrary and unlawfully arrested and detained in a heavily secured military police detention facility in Cameroon for 40 days. I had to bribe my way out of the country to seek sanctuary and protection. 

Cameroon is a dictatorship dressed up as a fake democracy, with a leader in power for more than 29 years. As an investigative economics and current affairs journalist, I worked with the leading independent newspaper, Le Messager, and also with other newspapers before that. I wrote critical articles about the government and exposed its wrongdoing and corruption.

June 20, 2011 12:01 AM ET


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