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Live stream: Obama and the press

The Committee to Protect Journalists today released its first comprehensive report on press freedom conditions in the United States. Leonard Downie Jr., former Washington Post executive editor and now the Weil Family Professor of Journalism at Arizona State University's Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication, is the author. Tune in here for a live stream of the press conference and follow the event on Twitter using the hashtag #ObamaAndThePress.

For iOS users who are unable to view the live stream above, click here for a compatible player.


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I find it laughable that you write about how closed the obama administration has been with the press. The fact that many of the so called journalists who are in the Washington Press Corp. have given obama a free pass on most of the scandals that have swirled around his administration.

The IRS, NSA, and the many other scandals are not even on the radar when it comes to journalists, and the media. The public is mainly out of luck to find any information about these and other scandals. The POst, the NYT's, and the rest of the media has done a great disservice to this country by not giving all the facts about obama, his past, and especially now his present.

You journalists have no one else to blame but yourselves for what is happening at the White House. You have failed in your jobs and you are now reaping what you sowed.

The attack on Whistle-blowers by the President 90% of "journalists" voted for was predicted by the 10% of true journalists who preformed there duty to America.

You wanted an omnipotent government, you got it ... Now think what happens if you loose control of it and it turns on you?

When President Obama instructs the IRS to attack the AP should you expect the American citizens to rally to your defence? Why should they? It's your Pit Bull.

Dont auditme bro October 10, 2013 10:51:50 AM ET

I agree with Mark and Don't above. Where has CPJ been? Nice for this to come out after he's been re-elected thankyouverymuch. Even with this report you can't quite bring yourself to say it with any "teeth." Leo Downie, Jr. saying: "... but he has fallen short of his promise" is laughable. Why can't you just come out and say plainly that he lied? The dirty little secret is that journalists that high up don't ask tough questions because they crave access to POTUS, they want to be media stars (they are human, so admit it), and/or their producers/editors don't want to be shut-out by the Admin. If they ask any "gotchas" and get black-balled by the Admin, what good will that be for the Paper or Network. Hence, you get nothing but a soft focus lens (like 60 Mins. embarrassing Hillary & BO Sec of State departure love fest). From the very beginning, American Journos bought his cult of personality hook, line & sinker and now, with 2+ years left in Term #2, they are coming around to the fact that he's played you? He only took what you gave him, and boy did you give a lot.


The new law being passed by President Obama feels unconstitutional.

I grew up in life believing certain rights were mine as an American; To name just a few:
-The right to Vote
-Freedom of speech
-Freedom of CHOICE

Our President says that if you have a car payment and you don’t pay it, you don’t save money;” YOU ARE A DEADBEAT…. “While the same applies to a home loan…. It doesn’t save money not to pay your bills…. I interject by suggesting that this requirement to purchase insurance and pay ANOTHER bill hinders us from paying the bills we are already scraping and struggling to pay now. We will now be faced with a bigger challenge to not become DEADBEATS. So we are faced with the lesser of two evils by paying out of our annual income anyway instead of paying for this required insurance. Some Americans are already paying for insurance just for themselves; they can’t afford to insure their families as well. Now they will have to drop that insurance to pay the fines to offset that cost!

It feels like we are living in less of a democracy and more and more of a dictatorship here in the good old United states of America! I am an American taxpayer and I am now expected to absorb another BILL disguised as INSURANCE because it is my DUTY?!