Committee to Protect Journalists
Country Report: Iraq
As of December 31, 1998

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Press freedom remains nonexistent in Saddam Hussein's notorious police state. The media function as outlets for propaganda extolling the Iraqi strongman's virtues. Hussein's son Uday exerts considerable influence over the media as head of the Iraqi Journalists Union and owner of the newspaper Babil.

Information continued to be a precious commodity for most Iraqis. The government has banned satellite dishes, and a seven-year-old United Nations embargo keeps foreign publications from entering the country. Radio offers the main source of alternative information for the population, although the government in the past has reportedly attempted to jam foreign radio broadcasts.
Attacks on the Press in Iraq in 1998:
Date Journalist Incident
07/01/98 Dawoud al-Farhan, Al-Iraq, Al-Musawwar al-Arabi, MENA Imprisoned

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