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 Attacks on the Press $30
A comprehensive annual survey of attacks against journalists and news organizations around the world. Attacks on the Press in 1997  Attacks on the Press in 1996  Attacks on the Press in 1995

Dangerous Assignments Quarterly $35/year
CPJ's newsletter reports on international press conditions and attacks on the press. Free to members.

Freedom Under the Dragon: Can Hong Kong's Press Still Breathe Fire? $10
China resumed control over Hong Kong in July 1997. But even before the handover, Hong Kong's vibrant press began to prepare for the handover. Asia program coordinator A. Lin Neumann and a variety of Hong Kong watchers explore press freedom in Hong Kong 100 days after the handover.

The Anatolian Archipelago: CPJ's Campaign to Free Turkey's Imprisoned Journalists $10
After an intensive media campaign to raise international awareness of Turkey's woeful press freedom record, CPJ sent a mission to Turkey to meet with the new prime minister and push for reforms. This report chronicles CPJ's campaign, the meetings in Turkey, and the aftermath of the mission: Six freed editors and promises of far-reaching reforms. Includes CPJ's updated records on Turkey's record number of imprisoned journalists.

Paradoxes in the Caucasus: A Report on Freedom
of the Media in Azerbaijan and Armenia $10
Veteran journalist Nicholas Daniloff explores the maze of contradictions faced by independent journalists in Armenia and Azerbaijan—two Caucasian republics which must shed the legacy of Soviet-era attitudes and institutions to reach their goal of democratization.

Clampdown in Addis: Ethiopia's Journalists at Risk $10
Based on a fact-finding mission to Ethiopia, this comprehensive report by Africa program coordinator Kakuna Kerina documents how the Ethiopian government uses provisions of a restrictive press law to limit the news the independent press may report and to silence opposing viewpoints. Introduction by Josh Friedman. October 1996

Briefing on Press Freedom in Bosnia and
Herzegovina Before the September 14 Elections $10
A comprehensive review of press freedom violations in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the run-up to the September 14 national elections. The report also cites all clauses in the 1995 Dayton peace accords that specifically seek to protect the freedom of the press. September 1996

Briefing on Press Freedom in Russia Before the Presidential Elections $10
This report details the numerous murders, attacks, and other difficulties Russian journalists have endured under President Boris Yeltsin's rule; highlights potential threats to a free press; and offers background on the economic hardships of the Russian media that foster a continued dependence on the government. June 1996

On a Razor's Edge: Local Journalists Targeted by Warring Parties in Kashmir $10
Based on a fact-finding mission to Kashmir, this report documents how local journalists are attacked by Indian armed forces and militant separatists for their reporting on the battle for control of the Indian-held state. July 1995

Double Jeopardy: Homophobic Attacks on the Press, 1990-1995 $10
A sampling of 21 cases from 14 countries, this report demonstrates that in nations as politically and culturally disparate as Canada, Russia, and Zimbabwe, censorship is imposed selectively against gay journalists and news outlets covering gay issues. October 1995

Silenced: The Unsolved Murders
of Immigrant Journalists in the United States, (1976-1993) $10
This study of journalists killed in the United States reveals that when foreign-born journalists are murdered, their cases are rarely solved. December 1994

Journalists' Survivial Guide: The Former Yugoslavia  $10
This essential booklet provides advice from journalists for journalists on everything from where to get flak jackets, insurance, and rental cars to tips on avoiding sniper fire in Sarajevo. It includes a list of phone numbers for U.N. and other relief agencies in the area, as well as organizations to call when making travel plans or in case of emergency. November 1994

Don't Force Us to Lie: The Struggle of Chinese Journalists in the Reform Era  $20
A detailed study of the determined efforts of Chinese journalists to speak and write freely throughout the 1980s and early 1990s, this book is one of the most comprehensive accounts available of how journalism works in the world's most populous country. With a foreword by Dan Rather and contributions by China scholar Anne Thurston. January 1993

In the Censor's Shadow Journalism in Suharto's Indonesia $10
A comprehensive account of media repression in Indonesia, this report includes eyewitness accounts by two American reporters of the army massacre in Dili, East Timor. November 1991

The Soviet Media's Year of Decision $10
Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Hedrick Smith analyzes the press in Gorbachev's Soviet Union and events leading up to the attempted coup of August 1991. This report includes a comprehensive guide to media organizations, primarily in Russia. September 1991

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