June 6
Radio La Corporación, ATTACKED, THREATENED
Fabio Gadea Mantilla, Radio La Corporación, HARASSED
Former Nicaraguan contras, anti-Sandinista resistance fighters, took over Radio La Corporación, reportedly by order of ex-contra Leonardo Zeledon, a member of the Nicaraguan Resistance Party (PRN). The group occupied the station for 15 hours, demanding that Radio La Corporación owner Gadea Mantilla, who is also president of the PRN, register specific candidates in upcoming general elections. Gadea Mantilla refused. Police June 7 apprehended Zeledon and other PRN members on charges including “illegally occupying private property, [making] death threats, and terrorism.” Zeledon, who is confined to a wheelchair, was placed under house arrest. According to Gadea Mantilla, the same group on June 9 threatened to destroy the station. Gadea Mantilla said that when he received the threats by telephone he immediately notified police, asking for protection for the station's downtown Managua offices and for the station's transmitter in Tipitapa, 22 kilometers north of Managua.

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