September 17
Razhy González Rodríguez, Contrapunto, IMPRISONED, THREATENED, ATTACKED
González Rodríguez, director of the Oaxaca-based regional weekly magazine Contrapunto, was abducted in Oaxaca City at 11 p.m. González Rodríguez was walking along Bustamante Street in the center of Oaxaca with a friend, Pilar Monterubio, when two armed men, wearing black hoods and carrying handguns, forced González Rodríguez into the back of an automobile and waved a pistol at Monterubio, signaling her to leave. Two other men were in the front of the car, and after González Rodríguez was in the car, they sped off, driving against traffic on a one-way street. Their car was followed by a man on a motorcycle. González Rodríguez was taken to an undisclosed location, gagged, blindfolded, and bound with handcuffs to a chair for 44 hours. He was mentally and physically tortured, his life and the lives of his family were threatened, and he was accused of being a collaborator with the Ejercito Popular Revolucionario (EPR), a terrorist guerrilla army that has recently emerged in Southern Mexico. González Rodríguez, who was one of a group of journalists to interview EPR representatives in Oaxaca on Sept. 13, was interrogated about his reporting on the EPR's activities. He believes his interrogators were members of the federal police force because they released him only after he agreed to notify authorities if he received any more information from the EPR.

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