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Table of Contents

Posted August 7, 2007


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i) About this Report

ii) Preface

1. Summary

2. Words and Deeds: Confronting the Contradictions

3. Commerce and Control: The Media’s Evolution

4. Inwardly Restricted: Domestic Repression Remains

5. Censorship at Work: The Newsroom in China

6. Local Threats: The Bureaucrat’s Tyranny

7. The Libel Card: Suits That Inhibit

8. ‘Secrets’ and Subversion: The Limits of Expression

9. Online Rules: A Study in Paradox

10. An Opening: Foreign Journalists See Gains

11. Recommendations

Appendices in PDF

Appendix I: Constitutional and International Guarantees

Appendix II: Media Law in China

Appendix III: Journalists Imprisoned in China


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