Eight journalists abducted in Mexico

March 8, 2010 3:13 PM ET

We issued the following statement in response to a report published today in the Dallas Morning News about the alleged abduction of eight Mexican journalists in the border area of Reynosa, near McAllen, Texas. One reporter died after a severe beating, two were released, and the rest are missing, according to the report...

“The vicious war between criminal organizations is terrorizing Mexican journalists and preventing them from reporting on the disappearance of their colleagues,” said Carlos Lauría, CPJ senior program coordinator for the Americas. “As drug trafficking, violence, and lawlessness continue to spread pervasive self-censorship is undermining Mexican democracy. We urge Mexican authorities to fully investigate the abduction of reporters in Reynosa and ensure that these crimes do not remain unpunished. We call on the government of President Felipe Calderón to provide safety guarantees for the press, and to make the protection of free expression a top priority on its agenda.”

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