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U.S. editor barred from re-entering Israel

We issued the following statement today after learning that Israeli authorities have detained Jared Malsin, a U.S. citizen and editor-in-chief of the English-language section of the independent Bethlehem-based Ma’an News Agency, at the Tel Aviv airport. Malsin was due to be expelled without a hearing on Thursday morning. Protests by the U.S. consulate in Jerusalem have resulted in a reversal. Malsin will now appear before a judge for a deportation hearing on Thursday morning, according to his colleagues at Ma’an...

“Forcing a journalist who has violated no laws to leave Israel and the Occupied Territories is unacceptable,” said Mohamed Abdel Dayem, CPJ’s program coordinator for the Middle East and North Africa. “Israel cannot hide behind the pretext of security to sideline journalists who have done nothing more than maintain an editorial line that the authorities dislike. Israel should release Jared Malsin without delay and allow him to resume his work.”

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It is quite unacceptable that Jared Maslin has been detained by the Israeli authorities when he has broken no laws and not been charged with any offence. Such behaviour flouts international law and undermines human rights. Freedom of the press is vital in any country that wants to be considered a democracy. Jared Maslin was exercising his right as a journalist to editorial freedom and Israel is harassing him because he put forward a line they didn't like. It is nothing to do with Israel's security. He should be released and allowed to continue in his valuable role as editor-in-chief of the Ma'an News Agency.
I call upon the Israeli authorities to release him at once.
Sandy Broadhurst Manchester PSC, UK.

I trust that by now Jared Maslin has been given his freedom to carry on with his work with the Ma'an News Agency. For the authorities to act otherwise only increases the shame of this situation.

It's a shame to have Journalists treated like criminals when all they've done is do their job to inform the public.
It's a shame that Israel's actions against Jared Maslin haven't been condenmend by western countries.
Shame on Israel
Shame on the world for not speaking out against Israel's blatant violation of human rights.
Karina Tarabin,
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada