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Harsh jail term for Burmese journalist

We issued this statement today, after a special court in Burma handed down a 13-year sentence to journalist Ngwe Soe Lin, also known as Tun Kyaw, who reported for the Norway-based Democratic Voice of Burma Wednesday. He had been held since June 2009...
“The harsh sentencing of Ngwe Soe Lin is part of a continued crackdown by Burma’s junta following the large anti-government protests in September 2007. Adding his name to the list of at least nine other journalists being held behind bars in Burma is an indicator of how brutal the government’s attitude toward silencing the press has become over the years,” said Bob Dietz, CPJ’s Asia program coordinator.

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I really don't understand why these brave investigative journalists and their backers don't do something really spectactular - like trying to do this stuff in China or Zimbawe for exmple and then report the resulting arrest/disappearance of the person concerned.

For heavens sake try and remember that this is Asia - not hippie Europe or crazy North America.
The rules here are very different - not nanny state politics for academics.

Myanmar is quite tolerant compared with some other Asian countries - the system is quite clear and simple - don't meddle with politics and you will have no trouble.