Olim Zarobekov

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Dear Mr. Imomov:

Joel Simon, Josh Friedman, and I appreciated the opportunity to meet with you on July 21 to discuss the Committee to Protect Journalists' (CPJ) list of 29 journalists who were murdered during and after Tajikistan's civil war.

We believe very strongly that the only way the government of Tajikistan can combat the pervasive culture of fear and self-censorship lingering from the civil war is by aggressively investigating and prosecuting those responsible for these murders.
Amirdzhonov, a correspondent for Tajikistan Radio, and Olim Zarobekov, a Tajikistan Radio department head, were killed by automatic weapon fire at the republic's Radio House in Dushanbe while they were performing professional duties, according to the Journalists' Union of Tajikistan. 

2 results